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The Official Launch Of The Tigers Ride To Recovery

August 3, 2015
August 3, 2015

3000 miles. 14 days. The Countdown is on for the toughest of cycling endurance events

Last week we officially launched the Tigers Ride To Recovery, #tigersr2r. One of the world’s toughest cycling endurance events, this challenge will see the team cycle 3000miles, climb over 170,000 feet in a 24/7 relay. The official launch was an all-out 24h cycle challenge at Canary Wharf

The 24h cycle challenge – 30th/ 31st July

Reebok Sports Club , one of the largest in Europe, were on hand to help us with the event.  They took the #Tigersr2r team through their paces in a series of group spin sessions. Resplendent in the official team kit, thanks to Primal Europe, helmets/ glasses donated by Salice, and with the back-drop of Reuters Plaza we couldn’t help but draw a crowd.

Throughout the event, the Tigers Ride to Recovery team took it in turns ‘pedalling for the pounds’ and wheels were spinning for the duration of the 24h launch.

Canary Wharf Management joined us in this challenge and took part in a static hand-cycle competition. Split into two teams they competed with each other to see who could cover the furthest distance. Jay Baldwin led proceedings and offered an insight into the personal challenges he will face as part of the #tigersr2r team when they set off across America.

Jay Baldwin and the Ride for Recovery Team

Taking part in the Ride To Recovery using a specially adapted hand-cycle, generously donated by Help For Heroes, Jay has been in training over the past five months. He is regularly out on the road with Brian Wood MC and together they cover up to 25 miles at a time in order to reach the required fitness levels that will see him travel almost 300 miles a day with the rest of the team.  See him in action here.

The Friends of the PWRR- Raising funds to support our Regiment

The Ride To Recovery has been set up as a means to raise awareness and funds for the Regiment ensuring that we are able to provide on-going support on a variety of levels.

We regularly offer guidance and support to those transitioning from Army to Civilian life and are on hand to support soldiers and their families during times of hardship or distress.

Many British Army personnel have been injured whilst serving and we have those amongst us who are displaying signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).   This is the biggest mental health disorder faced by UK veterans and organisations such as Combat Stress, are working with almost 6,000 veterans ages 19 – 97 at any given time.

The Friends work tirelessly to ensure members of the Regiment, past and present have access to the most appropriate care and advice and it is through fundraising efforts such as the Ride To Recovery we are able to do this.

Thanks to the support of Canary Wharf Management and Reebok Sports Club we were able to launch #Tigersr2r and raise over £10,000 in the process.

Incredible outpourings of generosity from the public and tireless hard work from members of the team resulted in a great event.

Despite some sore muscles we left with smiles on our faces and pounds in the bucket, ensuring that we can continue the good work!