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Dan Lauder

May 6, 2015

Before joining the Army, Dan spent five years in the Health and Fitness industry as an instructor and more latterly a therapist.  Dan is also a keen nutritionist and so will be providing the team with valuable insights into nutrition for endurance cycling.

Nutrition for endurance cycling involves consumption of carbs at the right time before the onset of the days cycling – and effectively during the day – as well as a steady intake of fluid.  One of Dan’s top long distance cycling tips is not to wait until you feel tired before refuelling your body.

As a member of the dedicated cycle-commuting community, he quickly developed a passion for 2 wheels and has toured widely across the UK and Northern Europe. He even proposed to his wife on a cycling holiday!

He is delighted to join the Ride To Recovery team as a means to raise awareness and funds for an excellent cause.

Dan Lauder is currently serving with 1PWRR in Germany where he lives with his wife and much-loved dog .

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