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Post osseointegration surgery update!

February 25, 2015
February 25, 2015


Finally the surgery is over and done with, but not something I was expecting, that goes for the whole day!

After arriving on the 16th I was sent for a number of tests and scans, which were on the ball. No waiting around in and out, as quickly as that! Come the 18th I was due to be at the hospital by 1200 (midday) for surgery starting at 1430… In that time gap I had some media commitments to deal with then straight to theatre… Negative GhostRider!! I was delayed until 1730, you can imaging after fasting for that amount of time I was struggling. I really was hungry, I need a drink, I just wanted to pig out! Of course I was in a bad mood, being moved from room to room, people telling me different things apart from any of the team that I previously spoken to before. As with the military where we don’t really take on second/third or even fourth hand information on board it just left me a little grumpy.

Finally Shona who has been dealing with the whole coordination popped up, all dressed for theatre and said I would be taken to her little office shortly. Her office is the little room where we get put to sleep… Shona was the assistant who helped with all that side of it, but more importantly a guy called AJ, he was the aim man and gave awesome words of advise prior to me going to sleep.

But again this still took a rather long time, I was given a large dose of ketamine and this really sent me up in the clouds! It felt as though I was in and out of consciousness and then talking and in typical Jay fashion either trying to make a joke or complimenting one of the nurses or even the media crew with us. Then the epidural was in place, I could no longer move my legs. It was happening, and at anytime soon!

I was then wheeled into the operating theatre where randomly there was a TV screen up someone having the final touches done of a hip replacement  it felt like forever waiting around in the theatre, the initial dose of ketamine had worn off and I was starting to make sense of everything. At that point, AJ (anaesthetist) came up and said ‘look jay we are going to give you a heavy sedation, you’ll be in and out of sleep, but I don’t expect you to remember anything from now, then I’ll finally put you to sleep for the procedure. That’s it, lights out the surgery then took place within the following five hours.

After surgery I was very drowsy but pain free and all I wanted to do was grab my phone to chat to people at home. Made me feel a lot better. I was in ICU for a little over 12 hours, where I would receive one-to-one nursing care.

Around midday on the 19th I was moved to the ward, this is where the pain started to kick in. I was constantly topped up with epidural, constantly using my PCA which had a fast acting drug in there and on top of this I was on a constant drip of ketamine. Eventually we managed to control the pain, then the same would happen and I would be back to square one.

Anyway, eventually on the 21st I was given some adaptations for my legs, although the right was missing  I was told not to worry and that I would get the other on Monday morning ready for weight loading.

Jay_Baldwin_adaptionsAdaptions_ Jay

Well I won’t go into all the details but I never got them at adaption until Monday (23rd) in the evening, too late for my weight loading.

The weight loading was difficult. Not only did I have to take a lot of weight through my arms, I could only put 20kg though my stump, very awkward but I understand the logic. It would have been much easier had the second leg been able to put some weight through but hey, always another day!


I had my first nights sleep where I wasn’t interrupted last night, drug free, cable free, just the slight niggles in my legs! That pain can only be described as having to do a heavy leg session at the gym for 24 hours continuous. It’s not nice, but manageable!

I have a few more weight loading exercises that I need to achieve before I can move on with anything else, but I’m sure the puzzle will slowly get

Have a nice day and I’ll give you all up to date in my next blog.

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