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2 PWRR – Recognition for outstanding efforts

August 9, 2016
August 9, 2016

Every month, Private soldiers from 2 PWRR are awarded Garmin Fenix 3 HR watches in recognition for their excellent performance whilst conducting their duties as part of the Battalion’s commitment to the British military’s operations in Cyprus.  Working for British Forces Cyprus, the Battalion are responsible for the protection and security of a number of key strategic sites.

Soldiers from ‘The Tigers’ employ their full range of infantry skills and equipment in a wide range of tasks including: foot and vehicle patrols; quick reaction forces; people and vehicle searches; camp guard and CCTV operation to ensure that the sites are safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The Private soldiers remain dedicated and professional in demanding circumstances – operating in temperatures of up to 50°C and making split second decisions.

The Battalion will continue to have troops dedicated to this vital task until they move to Cottesmore in 2017.

The Fenix 3 HR watch monitors a soldier’s location and heart rate, enabling them to train more intelligently and giving them a navigational edge on operations.

Pte Povey of C Coy, 2 PWRR, one of two soldiers who were formally recognised this month, said:  “I’m very happy to have won this watch, it’s nice for Private soldiers to be rewarded with something like this. All of the lads here have done the same job as I have, so I suppose it’s just luck that I was singled out. That said, I’ll definitely be using the watch to help on my next promotional course.”

Keep on running….

March 4, 2016
March 4, 2016

This April, Laura Arnold will be taking on one of her biggest challenges to date as she runs the Virgin Money London Marathon on behalf of The Friends of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment.

The busy mum of 3 from Downham Market, Norfolk, is working on a training plan which will see her in good shape in order to complete the 26mile course later this year.

Everyone who entered the Marathon through the ballot system will have found out in October 2015 which is a good 6 months training but as I have only been training for 4 weeks I’m feeling really happy to have gone from practically no running for many months to over 20 miles a week.

My husband is an experienced runner and has been the one to tell me what I need to do week by week. I certainly don’t think I would be so far along in a short amount of time without his help and advice.

Laura was first introduced to the Friends of the PWRR last year through her work at Holts Auctioneers.

Holts are one of the worlds leading auction houses for antique and fine modern guns.  They have been in the auction business since 1993 and the Friends were honoured to have been invited to speak at one of their events in 2015.

The Auction House have given their full support to Laura and The Friends and have pledged to donate £500 to encourage Laura as she prepares to take on this endurance event.

Fitting training around family life, Laura can often be found running at around 6am before the school run.  Currently up to 12miles, she is well on track to smash her targets ahead of the April event.

It helps when you have somebody with you whilst your running for a couple of hours or more as my training gets on this month. I’m very lucky to have twin daughters who enjoy getting out and either biking alongside mum for 15 miles or coming out and running a 5k with me when I get home from work.

Needless to say we will be following her progress on the Twitter and Facebook pages (links) and posting update on the blog.

If you would like to show your support to Laura, please donate via her Just Giving page:


The Official Launch Of The Tigers Ride To Recovery

August 3, 2015
August 3, 2015

3000 miles. 14 days. The Countdown is on for the toughest of cycling endurance events

Last week we officially launched the Tigers Ride To Recovery, #tigersr2r. One of the world’s toughest cycling endurance events, this challenge will see the team cycle 3000miles, climb over 170,000 feet in a 24/7 relay. The official launch was an all-out 24h cycle challenge at Canary Wharf

The 24h cycle challenge – 30th/ 31st July

Reebok Sports Club , one of the largest in Europe, were on hand to help us with the event.  They took the #Tigersr2r team through their paces in a series of group spin sessions. Resplendent in the official team kit, thanks to Primal Europe, helmets/ glasses donated by Salice, and with the back-drop of Reuters Plaza we couldn’t help but draw a crowd.

Throughout the event, the Tigers Ride to Recovery team took it in turns ‘pedalling for the pounds’ and wheels were spinning for the duration of the 24h launch.

Canary Wharf Management joined us in this challenge and took part in a static hand-cycle competition. Split into two teams they competed with each other to see who could cover the furthest distance. Jay Baldwin led proceedings and offered an insight into the personal challenges he will face as part of the #tigersr2r team when they set off across America.

Jay Baldwin and the Ride for Recovery Team

Taking part in the Ride To Recovery using a specially adapted hand-cycle, generously donated by Help For Heroes, Jay has been in training over the past five months. He is regularly out on the road with Brian Wood MC and together they cover up to 25 miles at a time in order to reach the required fitness levels that will see him travel almost 300 miles a day with the rest of the team.  See him in action here.

The Friends of the PWRR- Raising funds to support our Regiment

The Ride To Recovery has been set up as a means to raise awareness and funds for the Regiment ensuring that we are able to provide on-going support on a variety of levels.

We regularly offer guidance and support to those transitioning from Army to Civilian life and are on hand to support soldiers and their families during times of hardship or distress.

Many British Army personnel have been injured whilst serving and we have those amongst us who are displaying signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).   This is the biggest mental health disorder faced by UK veterans and organisations such as Combat Stress, are working with almost 6,000 veterans ages 19 – 97 at any given time.

The Friends work tirelessly to ensure members of the Regiment, past and present have access to the most appropriate care and advice and it is through fundraising efforts such as the Ride To Recovery we are able to do this.

Thanks to the support of Canary Wharf Management and Reebok Sports Club we were able to launch #Tigersr2r and raise over £10,000 in the process.

Incredible outpourings of generosity from the public and tireless hard work from members of the team resulted in a great event.

Despite some sore muscles we left with smiles on our faces and pounds in the bucket, ensuring that we can continue the good work!



Friends of the PWRR at Armed Forces Day, Guildford

June 30, 2015
June 30, 2015

“Today we celebrate our brave servicemen and women who work so hard to keep our country safe’ David Cameron, Prime Minister

Guildford was the national focus for Armed Forces Day on the 27th June. The morning began with a Cathedral service; attended by 900 service personal, followed by a military parade that finished in Stoke Park where a day of celebration lay ahead.

The Veterans and Charities arena in Stoke Park was the backdrop for activities and throughout the day we saw a number of the PWRR Regiment past and present.

Leading her team of volunteers, Lynn, the PWRR Ambassador raised over £1000 for the benevolent fund through a cake sale, tombola and face-painting. The ladies worked tirelessly to secure over 6000 cakes and pastries in the lead up to the day, gaining the support and recognition of local businesses. They also designed and sold PWRR ‘Tigers’ aprons that proved very popular on the day! Contact them on Twitter if you would like to find out more.

Our friends at Arundel Brewery supported the Regimental Reunion. An independent family owned Brewery, Arundel have attended a number of the Tigers events in the past few months and it’s always a pleasure to work with them. Karsten Waller of the ‘Sussex Hog Father’ was also out in force on the day with a never-ending queue at his stand.

Both organisations made a generous donation to the Friends of the PWRR Ride To Recovery challenge in recognition of the work of the charity.

PWRR Ride to Recovery

The Tigers Ride To Recovery team were there running a cycle challenge and getting people up to speed (pardon the pun) about September’s endurance cycle event.

Ride To Recovery will see us covering over 3000 miles in 14 days in order to raise funds for our military charity.  Follow us on twitter  and Facebook to keep up to date with the teams progress and join in conversations using #tigersr2r.

The sun shone, friends and families were out in force and a great day was had by all, #FiercePride.

Post by Brian Wood, MC

The Tigers Ride To Recovery Team

May 7, 2015
May 7, 2015

On the 7th September the Friends of the PWRR undertake their most demanding team fundraising challenge to date. Travelling from the East to West coast of America they will maintain a continuous relay, cycling in tandem for up to 300 miles a day.

Over the course of the event they will pass through 12 states and 88 counties, starting in Annapolis and ending the journey at Santa Monica Pier. They will endure over 170,000 feet of climbs and face head winds of up to 60 Miles per hour as they cross the Kansas Plains.

In short, this is one of the toughest endurance challenges in the world. There is no other event that matches the distance, terrain or the weather. It is a true test of team spirit.

The Tigers Ride To Recovery team is made up from members of The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment past and present, as well as those from our extended military family and supporters.

Jay Baldwin will be joining us as we undertake this challenge in order to replenish the funds used earlier in the year to fund his Osseointegration surgery.

He will complete the ride on a specially modified tandem hand-bike, which, together with the other tandem frames, has been generously donated by the team at Mammoth Lifestyle & Fitness.

All rider profiles can be found here and you can follow us on twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with progress as they train for this event.

Riders have been given the full support of their employers and families in order for them to take the two weeks needed to take part in the event. To that end we’d like to extend a thank you to everyone who is making this possible as well as Canary Wharf Group and Convergent Risks, who give us on-going support and encouragement.

We are aiming to raise in excess of £200,000 through Just Giving fundraising efforts, and we will be running a number of high profile events to raise awareness of this project. For now, please show your support for this fantastic event and those people who are undertaking it: meet the team.

Training photographs ©Gustavo del Castillo 2015


Cyprus Visit – 2 PWRR

March 25, 2015
March 25, 2015

On the 23rd October 2014 the Friends of PWRR (our military charity) held an Evening with Heroes dinner and charity auction at the Grand Connaught Rooms, London.

As a result of the evening, Lloyd Dorfman won a trip to 2 PWRR in Cyprus and on the 20th March, myself and six of his colleagues joined him on what was to be a once in a lifetime experience.

At 0500hrs we took off from Harrods aviation on Lloyd’s private jet, where I was asked if I would like to join the pilots for take off in the jump seat (great experience).  On arrival we were met by Capt Bermingham, who was the hosting officer for the visit, and taken to the Officers’ mess.  After dropping off our bags and heading downstairs, we were given a brief by the CO and other mess members on what the 2nd Battalion have been up to operationally over the last seven months and what Cyprus offers the soldiers.

We then headed to the indoor weapons range to get our hands on the rifles before going to the live firing range.

On arrival, the soldiers had set up stands and explained what job they did on the battlefield, the kit and the equipment they used.  This was great as it gave the visitors time to put the protective kit and equipment on and also try a ration pack, which they actually enjoyed!

We then saw a fire-power demo given by support company.  We watched the mechanics of a section attack getting carried out by the soldiers who did themselves proud as they demonstrated how they would fight the enemy.

The Dorfman team were loving life at this point, and after doing a pistol and rifle shoot it was time to move to the range for live firing.

I could see nerves and the concentration levels kick in but the safety staff played a great part in making this work and ensuring everyone enjoyed the experience and the group left for the evening buzzing about firing live ammunition.

We had one hour to get into black tie ready for a Regimental dinner. We we’re meet by a champagne reception and hosted at the highest level. During the meal the corp of drums give a stunning display that was rewarded by a great cheer.

We got to bed at 0300hrs, a little bit worse for wear, after a night of hanging out with the officers and finding out about life as a Tiger.

Reveille was at 0730hrs and the weather was about 17 degrees, perfect for heading to the beach for a day of sports, including waterboarding and canoeing.  We all got stuck in and really enjoyed what the water sports team laid on for us. Afterwards we went on a quad bike safari, this was very good with some stunning views.

After a full on 36hrs it was time to head home.  I can honestly say I was proud to be a Tiger, 2nd Battalion put on a stunning display that has given lasting memory’s to Lloyd, Charles, Charlie, Olly, Jake and Adam. I would like to thank the 2nd Battalion for looking after us during our visit.


Post osseointegration surgery update!

February 25, 2015
February 25, 2015


Finally the surgery is over and done with, but not something I was expecting, that goes for the whole day!

After arriving on the 16th I was sent for a number of tests and scans, which were on the ball. No waiting around in and out, as quickly as that! Come the 18th I was due to be at the hospital by 1200 (midday) for surgery starting at 1430… In that time gap I had some media commitments to deal with then straight to theatre… Negative GhostRider!! I was delayed until 1730, you can imaging after fasting for that amount of time I was struggling. I really was hungry, I need a drink, I just wanted to pig out! Of course I was in a bad mood, being moved from room to room, people telling me different things apart from any of the team that I previously spoken to before. As with the military where we don’t really take on second/third or even fourth hand information on board it just left me a little grumpy.

Finally Shona who has been dealing with the whole coordination popped up, all dressed for theatre and said I would be taken to her little office shortly. Her office is the little room where we get put to sleep… Shona was the assistant who helped with all that side of it, but more importantly a guy called AJ, he was the aim man and gave awesome words of advise prior to me going to sleep.

But again this still took a rather long time, I was given a large dose of ketamine and this really sent me up in the clouds! It felt as though I was in and out of consciousness and then talking and in typical Jay fashion either trying to make a joke or complimenting one of the nurses or even the media crew with us. Then the epidural was in place, I could no longer move my legs. It was happening, and at anytime soon!

I was then wheeled into the operating theatre where randomly there was a TV screen up someone having the final touches done of a hip replacement  it felt like forever waiting around in the theatre, the initial dose of ketamine had worn off and I was starting to make sense of everything. At that point, AJ (anaesthetist) came up and said ‘look jay we are going to give you a heavy sedation, you’ll be in and out of sleep, but I don’t expect you to remember anything from now, then I’ll finally put you to sleep for the procedure. That’s it, lights out the surgery then took place within the following five hours.

After surgery I was very drowsy but pain free and all I wanted to do was grab my phone to chat to people at home. Made me feel a lot better. I was in ICU for a little over 12 hours, where I would receive one-to-one nursing care.

Around midday on the 19th I was moved to the ward, this is where the pain started to kick in. I was constantly topped up with epidural, constantly using my PCA which had a fast acting drug in there and on top of this I was on a constant drip of ketamine. Eventually we managed to control the pain, then the same would happen and I would be back to square one.

Anyway, eventually on the 21st I was given some adaptations for my legs, although the right was missing  I was told not to worry and that I would get the other on Monday morning ready for weight loading.

Jay_Baldwin_adaptionsAdaptions_ Jay

Well I won’t go into all the details but I never got them at adaption until Monday (23rd) in the evening, too late for my weight loading.

The weight loading was difficult. Not only did I have to take a lot of weight through my arms, I could only put 20kg though my stump, very awkward but I understand the logic. It would have been much easier had the second leg been able to put some weight through but hey, always another day!


I had my first nights sleep where I wasn’t interrupted last night, drug free, cable free, just the slight niggles in my legs! That pain can only be described as having to do a heavy leg session at the gym for 24 hours continuous. It’s not nice, but manageable!

I have a few more weight loading exercises that I need to achieve before I can move on with anything else, but I’m sure the puzzle will slowly get

Have a nice day and I’ll give you all up to date in my next blog.

An Evening with Heroes 23rd October 2014

October 23, 2014
October 23, 2014

Set up to support one of the most decorated Infantry Regiments in the British Army, The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, The Friends, the military charity of PWRR are driven by the desire to do whatever they can to assist solders during and after periods of service and on the 23rd Oct, they hosted an Evening with Heroes.  Attended by over 200 people and raising a staggering £50,000 for the charity, guests were joined by highly decorated members of the armed forces, including the only living recipient of the Victoria Cross, Johnson Beharry VC.

People were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to listen to personal stories and gain an insight as to what life is like serving on the front line by way of a Q&A with Johnson Beharry VC, Matt Maer DSO MBE, Brian Wood MC and Jay Baldwin.

Each gave highly moving insights as to their experiences, sharing outstanding acts of bravery and personal sacrifice, however what stood out the most is the unwavering belief that each of these individuals have in the men that they command and serve with.  Inspirational talk of leading from the front and displays of courage in extraordinary circumstances were undoubtedly one of the most thought provoking parts of the evening and something that those in attendance will remember for the foreseeable future.

Tigers Charity Challenge

February 2, 2014
February 2, 2014

The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment – Charity Challenge

In August 2014 past and present members of The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment took part in a charity challenge. They faced 10 peaks of the Brecon Beacons. Over three days The Tigers covered 89km and raised over £350 for the charity.

Visit the Twitter site.

Become a Charity Fundraiser

January 29, 2014
January 29, 2014

The PWRR are looking for a Charity Fundraiser to be part of the team. This exciting role is based in London and will make a significant contribution to the charity’s annual income. You will be responsible for increasing contributions to the charity from any or all of the principal sources of fundraising.

Find out more about the role: Job Advert | Job Specification

To apply, please send your CV together with a covering letter detailing why you believe you are suitable for this role to Colonel Wayne Harber OBE, Regimental Headquarters, The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, HM Tower of London, London, EC3N 4AB or email

The closing date for applications is Friday 28 February 2014.